History of Oberon compiler construction

At the ETH and at the University of Linz two compiler families have grown up: the 1-pass compiler family and the OP2 family.

One-pass compilers

Two-pass compiler

OP2 Front-End

OP2 Back-End

Other Front-End Extensions

Other Compiler

Diss = ETH Dissertations
TR = Technical Report

The list is certainly not exhaustive. Since it is easy to construct a new compiler, some projects have chosen to implement a compiler for a custom language subset. Thanks to the high degree of modularity attained, many compilers use the same scanner or part of the same parser. Also, all of the OP2-based compilers use the same front-end, with some minor changes introduced for research purposes.

Outside of the ETH and the University of Linz, several compilers are or were made, given away or sold. Consult the Oberon Compiler List prepared by Guy Laden. Note that a few links are now obsolete and have no substitute (last update: 3 Dec. 1999):

and that XDS was renamed to Excelsior

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