ETH Oberon Portable Interfaces

These definitions were generated by Watson directly from the module source code. If your application uses only portable interfaces it will compile on all current ports of ETH Oberon. Look for the "portable" and "non-portable" comments in the module definitions.

Basic System

BIT Backup Browser Compiler Configuration Dates Display Edit
Files Fonts In Input Math MathL MenuViewers Miscellaneous
Modules Oberon Objects Out Pictures Printer RandomNumbers Reals
Script ScriptFrames Strings Styles System TextFrames Texts V24

Basic Tools

Curves Draw ET GZReaders GZWriters GZip GraphicFrames Graphics
HSV IFS Log Menu NetSystem Rectangles Splines TCPExample
Telnet TerminalFrames Terminals TextMail UDPExample V24Log XYplane Zip
ZipTool Zlib ZlibBuffers ZlibDeflate ZlibInflate ZlibReaders ZlibWriters


Attributes AudioGadgets BasicFigures BasicGadgets Clocks ColorTools Complex Desktops
Directories Display3 Documents Effects Finder Gadgets GadgetsIn GadgetsOut
Gages Icons Links ListDags ListGadgets ListModels ListRiders Lists
NamePlates Navigators NoteBooks Organizers PanelDocs Panels Printer3 ProgressMeters
RefGadgets ScrollViews Scrollbars SetGadgets Sisiphus TextDocs TextFields TextGadgets
TextGadgets0 TimeStamps Views

Gadgets Tools

AsciiCoder Base64 BinHex Builder ColorGadgets Colors Columbus Compress
EditTools ImageDocs ImageGadgets Images Outlines Rembrandt Rembrandt0 RembrandtDocs
RembrandtTools Rot13 Tar UUDecoder Watson Watson0

Network Tools

BMP BTrees ColorModels FTP FTPDocs Finger GIF Gopher
HTMLDocs HTMLForms HTMLImages HTMLTables HTTPDocs HTTPDocs0 HyperDocTools HyperDocs
ICO IFF JPEG MD5 MIME Mail NetTools News
PCX PPM PasswordFields Streams TGA TelnetGadgets TerminalGadgets TextStreams


ASCIITab Asteroids BookCompiler BookDocs Books Books0 BooksHelp CDAudioPlayer
CalculatorGadgets Cards Coco Conversions Diff DiffGadgets Dim3Base Dim3Engine
Dim3Frames Dim3Paint Dim3Read EditKeys Find FontEditor Freecell HPCalc
HTML Hex Histogram LPRPrinter LayLa LayLa2 LayLa2S LayLaDemo
LayLaS LayoutPanels LayoutPanels0 Layouts Magnifier MineSweeper MultiMail PS
PictConverters RX RXA Scramble Sets Shanghai Snapshot Sokoban
Solitaire Sort Spider Tetris TextPopups V24Gadgets WTS WTSDraw
WTSFold WTSPict WTSStamp