DEFINITION Finger; (* portable *)

(* Finger (RFC 1288) with Oberon text document support.

 Insert into your plain old ASCII .plan or .project file 
 the line
 followed directly on the next line by an AsciiCoded version
 of the Oberon text you want to have shown instead of
 the normal contents of .plan or .project.
 Command Interface
 Usage: Finger.Finger user@host
 Example: Finger.Finger
 Document Interface

 E.g.: Desktops.OpenDoc "finger://".
 The following line should be added to the LinkSchemes section of the Registry:
  finger = Finger.NewLinkScheme
 And the following line to the Documents section:
  finger = Finger.NewDoc. *)
 IMPORT Texts;

  DefPort = 79;

(* Parsing of a finger url. *)
 PROCEDURE Split (VAR url, host, request: ARRAY OF CHAR; VAR port: INTEGER): LONGINT;

(* Send the finger request to host. Most finger servers use port = Finger.DefPort.
  If the request failed for any reason, T is set to NIL otherwise T contains
the response. *)
 PROCEDURE finger (VAR host, request: ARRAY OF CHAR; port: INTEGER; VAR T: Texts.Text);
 PROCEDURE NewLinkScheme;

(* Finger.Finger user@host *)

END Finger.