DEFINITION HTTPDocs; (* portable *)

 IMPORT NetSystem, Texts, Documents,

(* This module implements the basis for the webbrowser.
  The following line should be added to the LinkSchemes section of the Registry:
   http = HTTPDocs.NewLinkScheme
  And the following line to the Documents section:
   http = HTTPDocs.NewDoc
  To access HTTP within a firewall, add the proxy to the NetSystem section of
the Registry:
   HTTPProxy = host [ ":" port ] . *)
 PROCEDURE ListCookies;
 PROCEDURE Request (C: NetSystem.Connection; method: ARRAY OF CHAR; VAR key: LONGINT; proxy: BOOLEAN; VAR query: Texts.Text; log: BOOLEAN);
 PROCEDURE Response (VAR C: NetSystem.Connection; key: LONGINT; main: BOOLEAN; VAR cont: MIME.Content; VAR location: ARRAY OF CHAR; log: BOOLEAN): LONGINT;
 PROCEDURE NewLinkScheme;
 PROCEDURE LoadDoc (D: Documents.Document);
 PROCEDURE ReplaceDoc;