DEFINITION Icons; (* portable *) (* jm 19.1.95 *)

(*Implementation of Icons and the Iconizer. Also contains an implementation
of a very simple camera-view with fixed viewpoint where no editing of the viewed
model is allowed.
  Objects, Gadgets, Display;

 (* Simple camera-view. *)
  View = POINTER TO ViewDesc;
  ViewDesc = RECORD ( Gadgets.ViewDesc ) 

  Icon = POINTER TO IconDesc;
  IconDesc = RECORD ( Gadgets.FrameDesc ) 
   caption: ARRAY 64 OF CHAR; (* Caption text. *)

  Iconizer = POINTER TO IconizerDesc;
  IconizerDesc = RECORD ( Gadgets.FrameDesc ) 
   closedF, openF: Display.Frame; (* Frames of the closed and open sides
of the iconizer. *)
   closed: BOOLEAN; (* is it closed or not ? *)
   popup: BOOLEAN; (* Does it pop up on a middle-click ? *)
   pin: BOOLEAN;	(* Display switch pin in top left corner? *)
   sel: BOOLEAN; (* Does it allow you to select an item when popping open ?
   pos: BOOLEAN; (* Do the open and close positions differ ? *)
 PROCEDURE CopyView (VAR M: Objects.CopyMsg; from, to: View);
 PROCEDURE ViewHandle (F: Objects.Object; VAR M: Objects.ObjMsg);

(* Make a simple camera-view of f. *)
 PROCEDURE ViewOf (f: Gadgets.Frame): View;
 PROCEDURE InitView (F: View);
 PROCEDURE CopyIcon (VAR M: Objects.CopyMsg; from, to: Icon);
 PROCEDURE IconHandler (F: Objects.Object; VAR M: Objects.ObjMsg);

(* Manufacture an icon with caption name and icon as content. Icon must be of
type frame. Icons is typically a simple camera-view created by ViewOf. *)
 PROCEDURE MakeIcon (F: Icon; name: ARRAY OF CHAR; icon: Objects.Object);

(* Executed from within an iconizer causes it to flip open/close. *)
 PROCEDURE CopyIconizer (VAR M: Objects.CopyMsg; from, to: Iconizer);
 PROCEDURE IconizerHandler (F: Objects.Object; VAR M: Objects.ObjMsg);

(* Initialize an iconizer from the frames open and close. *)
 PROCEDURE MakeIconizer (F: Iconizer; close, open: Display.Frame);
 PROCEDURE NewIconizer;

(* Takes the selected iconizer/icon apart and insert the constituents at the
caret. *)

(* Initialize a new icon for a document. Icon should be in "Library.ObjName"
format. The Cmd attribute is initialized to "Desktops.OpenDoc '#Caption '".
 PROCEDURE CreateIcon (F: Icon; caption, icon: ARRAY OF CHAR);

(* Inserts an Icon for the marked document at the caret. *)
 PROCEDURE InsertIcon;

END Icons.

(* Remarks:

1. Simple Camera-view
The simple camera view is often used for displaying the icon pictures in Icons.Lib.
To create a simple camera-view from the icon picture called "Icons.Panel" (i.e.
the object called Panel in public library Icons), the following is required:

 obj := Gadgets.FindPublicObj("Icons.Panel");

The camera-view gadget can be provided with caption by combining it with an
icon gadget:

 VAR F: Icons.Icon;
 obj := Gadgets.FindPublicObj("Icons.Panel");
 Icons.MakeIcon(F, "My caption", Icons.ViewOf(obj(Gadgets.Frame)));