DEFINITION PPM; (* portable *) (* by W. Ibl *)
(* The Portable Pixmap/Graymap File Format to Oberon Picture Format *)

 IMPORT Objects;
 PROCEDURE Handle (obj: Objects.Object; VAR msg: Objects.ObjMsg);

(* Called from Pictures.Open to try and load an PPM pixmap, a PGM graymap or
a PBM bitmap. The picture descriptor
is pre-allocated by Pictures in Objects.NewObj. InitPicture overwrites the handler
of the picture with a new handler that
will load the PPM/PGM/PBM Picture when a FileMsg is received (variant load).
Supported are Files either stored as an
Oberon Text or imported from DOS (CR+LF) or UNIX (LF) *)
 PROCEDURE InitPicture;
 PROCEDURE NewPicture;