DEFINITION Watson; (* portable *) (* PS/tk  *)


  (* valid options are:
   i: force output of comments to italic (only for mod file)
   p: force output to Fonts.Default font (only for mod file)

   d: show detail information (entry number, offset, key, etc) (only for symbol
& object files)
   x: expand type (only for symbol file)

   following letters define lookup order of source files (left most = most desired)
   D: definiton file
   M: module file
   S: symbol file
   C: commands
   T: Tutorial
 PROCEDURE MakeDef (VAR mod: ARRAY OF CHAR; T: Texts.Text);

 (* command called by document's menu button 'Back' *)
 PROCEDURE Back; (* param:  none *)

 (* command called by control-gadegets in the generated def-texts (can only
be used by Watson) *)
 PROCEDURE Goto; (* param:  object-name *)

 (* user command to get best information about the given module *)
 PROCEDURE ShowDef; (* param: [""options] mod *)

 (* user command to get best information about the given object in the specified
module *)
 PROCEDURE ShowObj; (* param: [""options] mod.obj *)

 (* user command to make definition files of given modules (if 'c' in options
-> converts defs to HTML docs) *)
 PROCEDURE MakeDefs; (* param: [""options] mods *)

 (* user command to convert definition files to HTML documents *)
 PROCEDURE ConvertDefs; (* param: [""options] defs *)
END Watson.