DEFINITION ZlibDeflate; (* Stefan Walthert  *)

  Compression of byte streams with deflate algorithm
  Zlib, ZlibBuffers;

 (* Result codes for compression/decompression functions *)
  Ok = Zlib.Ok; StreamEnd = Zlib.StreamEnd; (* regular termination *)
  StreamError = Zlib.StreamError; DataError = Zlib.DataError; MemError = Zlib.MemError; BufError = Zlib.BufError; (*
errors *)

 (* Flush values *)
  NoFlush = Zlib.NoFlush; SyncFlush = Zlib.SyncFlush; FullFlush = Zlib.FullFlush; Finish = Zlib.Finish;

 (* compression levels *)
  DefaultCompression = Zlib.DefaultCompression; NoCompression = Zlib.NoCompression;
  BestSpeed = Zlib.BestSpeed; BestCompression = Zlib.BestCompression;

 (* compression strategies *)
  DefaultStrategy = Zlib.DefaultStrategy; Filtered = Zlib.Filtered; HuffmanOnly = Zlib.HuffmanOnly;

 (* data type *)
  Binary = Zlib.Binary; Ascii = Zlib.Ascii; Unknown = Zlib.Unknown;


 (* deflate stream *)
  Stream = RECORD
   in, out: ZlibBuffers.Buffer;
   res-: LONGINT;  (* result of last operation *)
   level-: SHORTINT; (* compression level *)
   strategy-: SHORTINT; (*compression strategy *)
   dataType-: SHORTINT; (* Unknown, Binary or Ascii *)
   wrapper-: BOOLEAN; (* if set, zlib header and checksum are generated *)
   open-: BOOLEAN;  (* if set, stream is initialized *)


(* reset stream *)
 PROCEDURE Reset (VAR stream: Stream);

(* close deflate stream *)
 PROCEDURE Close (VAR stream: Stream);

(* initialize deflate stream with compression level and strategy; if wrapper
is not set, no header and checksum are generated *)
 PROCEDURE Open (VAR stream: Stream; level, strategy: SHORTINT; wrapper: BOOLEAN);

(* initializes the compression dictionary from the given byte sequence without
producing any compressed output.
 Must be called immediately after Open or Reset before any call of Deflate *)
 PROCEDURE SetDictionary (VAR stream: Stream; VAR dict: ARRAY OF CHAR; len: LONGINT);

(* Deflate compresses as much data as possible, and stops when the input buffer
becomes empty or the output buffer becomes full;
 the flush parameter decides if and how blocks are terminated *)
 PROCEDURE Deflate (VAR stream: Stream; flush: SHORTINT);
  (* invariant (111): stream.out.avail > 0 *)

(* change deflate parameters within the stream. If the compression level is
changed, the input available so far 
 is compressed with the old level (and may be flushed); the new level will take
effect only at the next call of Deflate *)
 PROCEDURE SetParams (VAR stream: Stream; level, strategy: SHORTINT);

(* compress complete stream and return output length in len *)
 PROCEDURE Compress (VAR src, dst: ARRAY OF CHAR; srcoffset, srclen, dstoffset, dstlen: LONGINT; level, strategy: SHORTINT; VAR len: LONGINT; VAR res: LONGINT);

END ZlibDeflate.