DEFINITION ZlibReaders; (* Stefan Walthert  *)

  Files, ZlibInflate;

 (* result codes *)
  Ok = ZlibInflate.Ok; StreamEnd = ZlibInflate.StreamEnd;
  FileError = -1; StreamError = ZlibInflate.StreamError; DataError = ZlibInflate.DataError; BufError = ZlibInflate.BufError;

 (* structure for reading from a file with deflated data *)
  Reader = RECORD
   res-: LONGINT; (* current stream state *)
   crc32-: LONGINT;
   wrapper-: BOOLEAN; (* if set, a zlib header and a checksum are present *)

(* open reader on a Rider for input; is wrapper is not set, no zlib header and
no checksum are present *)
 PROCEDURE Open (VAR r: Reader; wrapper: BOOLEAN; VAR fr: Files.Rider);

(* read specified number of bytes into buffer and return number of bytes actually
read *)
 PROCEDURE ReadBytes (VAR r: Reader; VAR buf: ARRAY OF CHAR; offset, len: LONGINT; VAR read: LONGINT);
  (* precondition (100): (0 <= offset) & (0 <= len) & (offset + len <= LEN(buf))

(* read decompressed byte *)
 PROCEDURE Read (VAR r: Reader; VAR ch: CHAR);

(* close reader *)
 PROCEDURE Close (VAR r: Reader);

(* uncompress deflated data from scr and write them to dst *)
 PROCEDURE Uncompress (VAR src, dst: Files.Rider; VAR crc32: LONGINT; VAR res: LONGINT);

END ZlibReaders.