Visit to the Radiar Company - 1999.05.14

On Friday 14th may 1999, the research group of Prof. J. Gutknecht visited the company Radiar in Sent, Graubunden, Switzerland. Sent is a small village located in the eastern part of Engadin, in a beautiful, green valley. with characteristic houses.


Upon arrival in Sent we were received by Mr. M. Rohr (CEO of Colortronic) and Dr. J. Sedlacek (CEO of Radiar).

Pictures of attendees

From left to right: P. Muller, E. Oswald, E. Zeller, Dr. J. Sedlacek (Radiar), M. Rohr (Colortronic), A. Fischer, P. Reali.

From left to right: P. Muller, E. Zeller, Prof. J. Gutknecht, A. Fischer, Dr. J. Sedlacek, P. Reali, E. Oswald.

From left to right: A. Fischer, E. Zeller, E. Trichina, E. Oswald, P. Muller, Dr. J. Sedlacek.

About Colortronic

The CEO Marcel O. Rohr briefly introduced Colortronic GmbH:

Colortronic is worldwide leading producer of advanced technology for the automation of material flow in the plastic industry. With more than 175 employees it serves its customers throughout the world from its locations in Germany, Great-Britain, France, the USA and Singapore through a network of more than 100 representations.

Colortronic GmbH
Otto-Hahn Strasse 10-14
D-61381 Friedrichsdorf
Tel: +49 6175 7 92 - 0

About Radiar

Radiar is a small company led by Dr. Josef Sedlacek which develops hardware and software solutions as a sub-contractor to Colortronic GmbH.

CH-7554 Sent
Tel: +41 (81) 860 06 60
Fax: +41 (81) 860 06 62

The project

Colortronic produces a machine called Graviblend that very precisely mixes different components ranging from 100 g/hour to 700 kg/hour. The machines are in service in production plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Graviblend Machine

The mixer is remotely controlled by an embedded system implemented by Radiar. More than 200 controllers have already been installed and sold.

The system runs on a embedded PC board.

The PC board, front and back

The interface to the user is a touch screen with a representation of the mixer machine. Touching a feeder diplays a detailed overview of the selected unit and allows its configuration. One system can control 8 feeders.

The C2 touch screen user interface

All the software is written in Oberon and the controller runs a customized version of PC Native Oberon. Displaying of the information is done with the Gadgets system. The main differences from normal Native Oberon are:


A techical discussion followed the presentation. Our exchange of ideas was quite fruitful, and we decided to establish a web-page containing archetypal "patterns of application" of Oberon's object system. Examples will comprise the cases we discussed:


We thank Dr. Sedlacek who organized our stay in Sent and his wife who prepared a tasty Czech meal for the evening.

P. Reali, E. Trichina, P. Muller took the photographs using a digicam provided by the Department Informatik, ETHZ. The Graviblend Machine and the two user interface pictures belong to Colortronic.

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