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Download Section

Updated 2002-02-12

Oberon Logo

The software found on this site has been carefully tested. However, the software is provided as is, and we take no responsibility for damages it may cause.



The Active Oberon for .net compiler consists of three Portable Executable (PE) files and runs on the Microsoft .net platform.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Server
  • Microsoft .NET framework SDK version 1.0.3705 (final release) which can be downloaded from Microsoft .NET site


  1. Download the compiler build specified below
  2. Unzip the files to any directory of your choice
  3. Configure your PATH environment variable so that the compiler executable can be found
  4. Run the compiler by typing Oberon in a command prompt.
  • Note1: If you get security exceptions when running Oberon, try to set more relaxed security restrictions on assemblies by the .NET tool ConfigWizards or logon as Administrator
  • Note2: IMPORT clause is reserved only for importing other Oberon modules. If you want to link with an assembly written in different language (for example C#) use the /r:<assembly name> option on the command line.

Active Oberon for .net Compiler
Latest compiler build for .NET Framework SDK v1.0.3705 (144 KB)