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Babel, a set of compiler tools

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1 - Babel is a metacompiler (compiler compiler) for creating and maintaining a compiler front-end. From a language definition document, it builds the tables of a compiler (lexical, syntactic and semantic) and stores it in a binary file. A special module, included in the final program, reads this file and then can compile texts of the language.

2 - TBox is a set of utility tools. The module TBoxDir.Mod imports the non-portable NPTBoxDir.Mod which is found, according to the environment, in NPTBoxB.Zip for Bluebottle, NPTBoxN.Zip for Native or NPTBoxW.Zip for Windows.

3 - Regul is a lexical analyzer that can find and/or replace regular expressions in a text. Simpler than RX (see RX.Tool), it provides an application programming interface as well as a user interface. It is an advanced example of the Babel metacompiler.

4 - Index parses a text according to a grammar, with the help of Babel. It uses this analysis to pretty print the text and extract an index. The result is ready to print or can be used on screen for quick searching. Grammars for Oberon-2, Modula-2, Component Pascal and Babel are included.

5 - Where creates on disk an index from which one can find very quickly any identifier exported by the system, from its name or any part of it.

All the tools appear as zipped packages in the same directory.

Requirements: Requires Oberon-2 compiler. For the Native and Windows PlugIn Oberon compiler, use the \2 option.

Maintainer: Gérard Meunier - E-mail: gmeunier at club-internet.fr

This software was also ported to BlackBox. Download from http://home.t-online.de/home/a.h.zinn/

Installation and usage

1. Download the archives.

2. Extract the files.

3. Open the XYQuickstart.Tool found among the extracted files and follow the instructions.

Version log

22 Nov 2001 - First public release
23 Dec 2001 - Version 3
5 Apr 2002 - Version updated 15 Jul 2002 - Version updated

27 Aug 2002 - Copyright © 2002 ETH Zürich. All rights reserved.
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