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CORDIC algorithms

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Current Version: CORDIC.Mod - 16 Jan, 2000

The CORDIC (= COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) algorithm was developped by Jack E. Volder in 1959. Subsequently, the CORDIC scheme was extended by J. Walther in 1971 to other transcendental functions.

Details in: How Do Calculators Calculate? and The CORDIC Algorithm for Computing a Sine.

A pretty straightforward port to Oberon of the original C code published in Dr. Dobb's Journal, Issue ddj9010. The ddj version can be obtained using FTP from SIMTEL and other places.

The functions can be useful for real-time applications, as they do not use hardware floating-point support, and they deliver their results to a user-specified precision, in a guaranteed time-bound manner.

Requires: ETH Oberon Native.

Maintainer: Michael A. McGaw

Installation and usage

1. Download the module CORDIC.Mod and compile it.

2. Use Watson to obtain a list of available functions.

Version log

8.01.2001 First released
16.01.2001 Second release

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