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Current Version: 0.5 / 29.9.1999

This first issue of the JD package delivers the module JDMathL with all the fundamental mathematical constants and functions. Later on, mathematical applications such as FFT, DSP, matrix calculus, optimisation will be added. For optimum portability, all of it is written in Oberon-1.

This package is derived from the TurboPascal Library FMATH.PAS written by J. Debord. That is where "JD" comes from.

Freeware, but do not sell it, do not remove the copyright notice, and do not make us liable. No guarantee is given for using it.

Background information.


Any Oberon compiler or system; Module MathL

Maintainer: Patrick Hunziker


1. Download module JDMathL.Mod which contains a list of the supported functions at the beginning of the text.

2. Read the copyright notice

3. Compile the module

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!!! Contributors interested in porting of more modules are welcome. If somebody has experience using the SIMD features of the new processors for platform specific base modules, such as FFT, DSP etc. are especially welcome.

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