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Current Version: 1

DGELS solves overdetermined or underdetermined real linear systems involving an M-by-N matrix A, or its transpose, using a QR or LQ factorization of A. It is assumed that A has full rank.

Background information on LAPACK


Maintainer: Günther Sawitzki


1. Create a sub-directory LAPACK.LinLS which will receive the source modules and the description
2. Get the source code LAPACK.LinLS.Cod
3. Execute AsciiCoder.DecodeFiles found at the beginning of the text
4. Compile the module DGELS.Mod
5. Read the instructions for using DGELS in Description.Text or Beschreibung.Text

Version Log

1 / 23 Apr 1997

ETH Oberon (c) 04 Mar .2000