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Current Version: OFormatter

Scans an Oberon source text and creates a new formatted text from it. The Active Oberon and Oberon-2 syntaxes are accepted as well. Colors used to mark modifications or to emphasize special parts in the original text are preserved. Objects embedded in comments and in the text appearing after the program end are preserved too. Syntax errors are reported in System.Log in the same fashion as the compiler does. Details in OFormatter.Tool .

Maintainer: Günter Feldmann - E-mail: fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de

Installation and usage

1. Download the package OFormatter.Arc and extract the files.

2. Compile OFormatter.Mod

Version log

15.01.1999 - First release of Oberon-2 formatter
6.02.2001 - Release of Oberon formatter

17 Jul 2002 - Copyright © 2002 ETH Zürich. All rights reserved.
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