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A clone of the famous "PacMan" arcade game.

Requirements: Requires Oberon-2 compiler. For the Native and Windows PlugIn Oberon compiler use the \2 option.

Maintainer: John Drake

Installation and usage

1. Download the archive.

2. Extract all the files.

3. Open the file PacMan.Tool and follow the instructions.


To start new game : Desktops.OpenDoc PacMan.NewDoc ~

To set the speed : PacMan.SetSpeed delayfactor
The higher the delayfactor, the slower the game. The default delayfactor is 0.05. This is quite fast. (Some would say too fast.) A delayfactor of 0.08 is quite playable.

Version log

10 Jul 2001 First public release [ download ]

22 Nov 2001 - Copyright © 2000 ETH Zürich. All rights reserved.
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