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Secure Shell client

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Secure Shell client for Oberon with all the functionality of Telnet, but which encrypts the communication between the client and server, thus making Oberon much more attractive as a client system.

The cryptography modules were programmed as a separate, reusable library, which could be used to make an SSL (secure sockets layer) implementation.

The SSH package should work on all recent releases of ETH Oberon.

Maintainer: Günter Feldmann - E-mail: fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de

Installation and usage

1. Download the archive. Earlier versions are still available.

2. Extract the files.

3. Read the installion and usage instructions in SSH.Tool .

Version log

16 Jul 2002 - Version 1.0
18 Sep 2002 - Version 1.2
25 Sep 2002 - Version 1.3

6 Oct 2002 - Copyright © 2002 ETH Zürich. All rights reserved.
E-Mail: oberon-web at inf.ethz.ch
Homepage: http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch