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Support is provided on a voluntary basis by other users around the world.

ETH Oberon open discussion list

If you experience a difficulty of any sort, find out if it has been encountered earlier by others, discussed and possibly solved since, by consulting the Oberon open discussion list archives concerning ETH Oberon of any variant.

To participate actively to the open discussion list (https) you must subscribe to it using the included form which gives all the necessary usage directions. The list is moderated. You may opt to receive posted mails either immediately or as a daily digest using the last option in the form.

To post a message to all the list members, send e-mail to oberon at Please use the -email address that you have subscribed, otherwise your posting is delayed until manually approved by the administrator. There is also a chance that it gets mistaken for spam and deleted.

To change the subscription options at a later time, change your settings with the [Edit Options] button at the bottom of the form. If you forgot your mailing list password, you can have it mailed to you by typing your email address at "Changing your Oberon List Subscription" and clicking "Edit Options", followed by "EMail My Password To Me".

An alternative method for subscribing and for changing the options is to send an e-mail to oberon-request at containing the word "subscribe" in the subject line. Your "From:" e-mail address will be added to the list of recipients for the list. For the contents of the mail just enter two hyphens "--", or leave it empty.

Note: This list was established on July 2, 2002, as a consolidation of the earlier mailing lists native-oberon and oberon-developers, now abandoned. An archive is still available.

If no satisfactory answer is found there, evaluate the other support channels listed below and send an e-mail describing your problem in detail (possibly with TRAP info), including information on your system configuration and explaining how to reproduce the problem.

Make use of these channels to let others benefit from your findings, experiences, achievements and contributions as Oberon user.


To unsubscribe from the list, check the instructions in the "welcome message" you received when you subscribed, or contact oberon-admin at

Other support channels

Usenet news comp.lang.oberon

Read the articles in the newsgroup comp.lang.oberon and post your questions and ideas there. You may access this newsgroup with the news client of your preference. Please turn off any MIME, HTML or other extensions in your non-Oberon news client. Since users of the newsgroup are probably Oberon users anyway, articles should consist only of plain text. Please follow the Netetiquette guidelines. If you are an ETH Oberon user, use the built-in news client news:comp.lang.oberon. Get usage guidance from News.Tool . One can subscribe to this newsgroup to receive new posting automatically.

As an alternative to that pull system, you may opt for a push system, receiving articles automatically in your e-mail in-box by subscribing to the oberon-news mailing list. Consult the "Groups Help" instructions found on-line. Instead of posting articles or replying, you may send them to (currently not operational).

This newsgroup, which is not moderated and is familiarly called "c.l.o.", is shared by users of different system allegiances such as ETH Oberon, Oberon V4, BlackBox, POW, etc.

Access Usenet to find the sites maintaining Newsgroups archives. "" listed first is the Deja's Usenet Discussion Service formerly accessed as, which was acquired by Google. From there, comp.lang.oberon is not far. The oldest posting archived is dated 24 Mar 1993.

Other comp.lang.oberon news archives (the list is probably not complete):

M@ilgate archive
Gifford Internet in UK archive
Les newsgroups 1001annonces archive
El Primer Buscador Argentino archive
Turkish Universities network archive
Korean Kornet archive
GUBA archive
GIGA NEWS (1) archive
Note 1: Access for a fee with an account number. Informs about the retention period.

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